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Ize Press · 🇺🇸 · English

Itaewon Class 01

Itaewon Class 01

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A single choice can completely alter one’s future―a truth no one knows more than Saeroyi Park, whose decision to stop a school bully exposes him to the harsh reality of money and power. Things go from bad to worse when his dad, who stood by him through it all, gets killed by the very same bully…and Saeroyi vows to take a life for a life. After his rash, rage-fueled murder attempt ends in a prison stint, though, a new plan kindles within him: open a restaurant, recreate the joy his father showed him, and cook up some proper revenge. And there’s no better place to do so than the neighborhood of freedom, diversity, and delicious food―Itaewon!


Manga Information

Publisher: Ize Press
Series: Itaewon Class
Author: Kwang Jin
Artist: Kwang Jin
ISBN: 9798400901409
Language: English

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