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Ize Press · 🇺🇸 · English

7 Fates: Chackho 03

7 Fates: Chackho 03

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With his skills improving by leaps and bounds, as well as a growing circle of companions, Zeha feels like he’s settling nicely into the role of a Beom hunter. But he gets a harsh reality check when the team discovers a vast underground lair where the Beom have been taking the innocent people they’ve kidnapped. Zeha and his friends have no clue about the purpose of this facility, but the hellish scenes of death and torment they witness make it clear that the Beom invasion is far bigger and more malicious than anyone could have imagined. After an intense battle with the guards, they prepare to lead the captives out to safety…until a familiar foe joins the fray―Bulti is here, and now it’s personal!


Manga Information

Publisher: Ize Press
Series: 7 Fates
Author: HYBE
Artist: HYBE
ISBN: 9798400900594
Language: English

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