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IZE Press · 🇺🇸 · English

Jungle Juice 01

Jungle Juice 01

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Every society has its hierarchy, and college student Suchan Jang is at the top of the human one. But despite his popularity and charisma, he has a secret that keeps him from getting close with others―under his clothes lies a pair of dragonfly wings! And when he’s forced to expose them to save the girl he likes, Suchan suddenly finds himself plummeting to the bottom of the food chain. It is then, alone and at his lowest point, that he is introduced to a hidden society of fellow human-insect hybrids. Abuzz with both friend and foe, this world offers Suchan the opportunity to seize a new start for himself…All that’s left is climbing his way back to the top!

Manga Information

Publisher: IZE Press
Series: Jungle Juice
Author: Hyeong Eun
Artist: Juder
ISBN: 9798400900556
Language: English

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