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IZE Press · 🇺🇸 · English

Jungle Juice 04

Jungle Juice 04

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The good news: The task force has safely made it out of the trap Pet Shop had set for them on Black Rock Island. The bad news: Suchan had to go into full-on berserk mode to do so…and now he has been labeled a threat by NEST! Branding Suchan a ticking time bomb, most of the professors want him quarantined before he can become a risk―save for Professor Ji. In order to prove his student isn’t the monster they think he is, Professor Ji must fight Suchan, even if that means trying to kill him. Unbeknownst to NEST, though, death looms around another corner―Pet Shop is back, and this time they’re bringing the battle to campus. Their target? Professor Ji…!

Manga Information

Publisher: IZE Press
Series: Jungle Juice
Author: Hyeong Eun
Artist: Juder
ISBN: 9798400900846
Language: English

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