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Seven Seas · 🇺🇸 · English

Marriage to Kitsune-Sama

Marriage to Kitsune-Sama

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In the town of Hokutochou, a mystical tradition unfolds every few decades. A villager is selected to ascend the mountain to marry one of the alluring fox spirits who reside there. Inaho has longed to take on that role, and when his time finally comes, he eagerly climbs the mountain to meet his new handsome husband, Subaru. The captivating lord has been watching Inaho for quite some time and is pleased to receive his new spouse. But before this supernatural marriage can enter its honeymoon stage, Inaho discovers Subaru is cursed to devour his beloved--aka Inaho! Can they find a way to break the curse, or is this marriage doomed to end in tragedy?

Manga Information

Publisher: Seven Seas
Series: Marriage to Kitsune-Sama
Author: Ken Homerun
Artist: Ken Homerun
ISBN: 9798888439791
Language: English

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